100% NEW HDPE Polyethylene Plastic Mesh 8-10g UV Treated Agriculture use plastic netting hay bale Wrap Net

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Product name: bale hay wrap net, pallet wrap net, hay film, mulch film, baler wrap net,

Hay Bale Wrap Net/ Silage Wrap /Round Bale Net Wrap/Straw Packing Net for Agriculture

Farm Pallet wrap netting,food netting,tulip netting, tulip net


Bale Net Wrap
To maximize your efficiency when baling hay or straw, step up to Bale Net Wrap. It's weather

resistant and reduces leaf loss and spoilage, which all adds up to savings for you. It also
creates a tighter, more secure bale that is easier to transport. 



Bale Net wrap has an improved spreading characteristic so that the bales run in the

complete width of the bale. Our forage weed c ntrol sheet is exclusively manufactured 

with high-quality HDPE materials which are strong and antistatic. These materials ensure

an edge to edge wrapping on all makes and models of machines and meet the highest requirements. 

Each forage wrap net product passes through a strict stage quality control process.

This offers complete traceability of the net and gives our clients peace of mind. This

consistency ensures that a top quality net reaches our clients every time we deliver

our products. Meeting our own high standards consistently is something that we

pride ourselves on. Our wrap net is available for full coverage baling in all

conventional balers for Silage, Grass and Straw. 

Features of Bale Net wrap,hay net 
1. The raw material of the weed control sheet is high density polyethylene. 
2. It meets resistance requirement of the ultraviolet intensity both in Northern

and Southern Hemispheres. 
3. The tension of each thread is not less than 60 N (6.12kg or 13.5pounds). 
4. It is environmental friendly. 
5. It ensures the strength of weight and tensile. 
6. In each roll, the last 450 feet have 4 inches width cordon. 
7. It could be in any color and ize. 
8. Full bale coverage. 
9. Suitable for all crops under all conditions. 
10. Good weather protection by perfect bale overage. 
11.2-3 turns to make a perfect bale. 
12. Evident end warning line. 


Advantage of Forage Bale Net:
1, Tight bales that hold, lasts longer 
2, Gives strength lengthways and sideways. Stronger without the extra weight. Wlks more

eaily to the edge of the bale. 12% stronger than other regular net. 
3, Tight flat bales that don't expand when released. Flat surface, no flared edges on bale.

Won't let go. 
4, Use less net per bale for a lower cost 
5, Longer life, less breakdown in the sun. 
6, Easy to use, no dramas 


marketsNorth America1.23*3000m1.62*2134m1.62*2348m1.71*2134m
Net Weight8g-15g/m2,standard 10g/m2
Net Width1m,1.22m,1.23m or by requirements.
Length2000m, 2134m, 2500m, 3000m or by requirements
ColorGreen,white or by requirements.
TypeWrap knitted 
UVUV Stabilize 0.3%,or by requirements
Delivery timeWithin 35 days after received deposit
MOQ3 -5 Tons
Tension/N8-12g: 43-55N
PackageWith cardboard tubes, 12 or 16 rolls on one pallet
Quantities20ft: 190-210 rolls  40hq: 490-510rolls
Supply capacity300 tons per month
FunctionReduces weather related spoilage




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