China Exporter Mulch Film For Weed Control Mat M-1002

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China Exporter Mulch Film For Weed Control Mat M-1002

Product name: Anti weed mat, weed control barrier, weed control mat,ground cover

Weed control membrane, anti grass cloth,woven landscape fabric,Non-Woven Weed

Control Fabric,Weed Control Fabric

Fob Port: Shanghai port.




Our weeds control barrier fabric, also a geotextile, has high-quality materials and solid

structure that can withstand long-term use in a variety of weather conditions, effectively

inhibiting the growth of weeds or grasses and keeping them out of direct sunlight. weeds

control barrier fabric is a great helper for your plants to thrive and reduce soil erosion.

High-quality Material: This weeds barrier fabric is made of high-quality PP, its excellent

impact resistance, high-temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance features make

it strong and durable, so it can be used for a long time in various harsh environments.

Improve Soil Value: The landscaping fabric can maintain the soil humidity and improve

the soil temperature, accelerating the decomposition of soil organic matter, stopping

weeds from growing, and boosting your plants to multiply.


Pest Mitigation: Using this landscape fabric to cover the soil prevents many of the pests

in the soil under the trees from coming out, which reduces the diseases and pests that

harm the fruit trees, thus promoting growth and improving yields.


Superb Weaving Process: We use a superb weaving process to make each line tightly

connected to enhance its toughness and durability, which greatly extends its service life.

Heat and Moisture Retention: The dense weave of the weeds barrier fabric reduces water

evaporation to preserve the moisture content of your soil, reducing watering frequency.

Weed Control: With a net weight of 17.63lbs and a dense weave structure, the weed

barrier fabric both stops photosynthesis and thus inhibits weed growth, and prevents

weeds from burrowing out of the ground.


Sufficient Area: This 3.2oz landscape weeds barrier fabric measures 3 ft wide and 295 ft long.

The heavy-duty weeds barrier is here to fully cover a larger area, making your life easier.

Customer Service: We aim to provide quality products and services. If you have any problems,

please feel free to contact us. We will reply and solve the problem for you as soon as possible.



Our weeds barrier fabric can be used as a substrate for greenhouses, vegetable plots, ground

cover, patio gardens, driveways, gravel walkways, drainage devices, gravel and retaining walls.


Material: PP

Color: Black

Unit Net Weight: 90g/1m2 / 3.2ounces/10.76ft2

Process: Weaving

Gross Weight: 8.5kg/18.73lbs

Net Weight: 8kg/17.63lbs

Package Size: 93x15x15cm/36.61×5.9×5.9in

Product Size: 90×0.9m/295x3ft


Our quality of anti weed mats:

1.with UV, Binding resistant,press resistant,
2.water-proof ,sun-resistant,anti-aging, tear proof.
4.could be produced with uv to 2years /3years/5years

1. packed in roll warped by PE films with or withou color label, or in small rolls, outer

pack bales or cartons
2. Packed in big roll with or without pallet



waterproof ground cover fabric,anti weed mat, anti grass mat


100% PP PE

weaving condition:

weaved by circular jet loom

Main Market

Europe, South American


7×7 8×8  9×9  10×10  11×11  12×12 14×14

weight/gram per square meter



50-500cm,available for wider fabric by heat sealing.


any sizes by the clients requirement


mainly in black,green or other colors as per your request


PP laminated both sides


1.Binding resistant,press resistant

2.water-proof ,sun-resistant,anti-aging, tear proof.


4.could be produced with  UV.                                                        


special for Agricultural use, stop the weed growth, and keep the water


Packed in roll or in bales or cartons

one roll one plastic bag

8-10TONS/20FT, 18-20TONS/40HQ



The function of anti weed mat:

1. Excellent Weed Control

2. Moisture, fertilizers, air reach plants to allow for healthy soil

3. Good water and air permeability

4. Prevent the plant’s root from putridness 

5. Exceptional toughness and strength

6. Durable, tear-resistant; won't rot or mildew

7. Lightweight, easy to install, follows natural ground contours

8. Ideal for use in landscaped beds, under decks and walkways. 

9. The one-way line mark make the management of planting more easy.

1. What are your main products?
We mainly produce most kinds of plastic nets. Including shade net, scaffold safety net,

pallet wrap net, balcony net, anti bird/insect/hail net, fence net, ground cover net,

netting for fruits, fishing net, etc.

2. What are your named market?
Our products sell around the world, mainly in Europe, America.

3. Manufacturer or trading company?
We are one group company of Manufacturer and trading company, we provide OEM and

ODM services for customers around the world. 


4. our minimum order quantity:

3 tons for one model at least.

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