Kitchen, Bath, Workshop And Outdoors Cleaning Stone Foam Glass Bathroom Toilet Brush Cleaner for pumice stick

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Company Profile

New products grill stones, toilet pumice stone, glass pumice stone

We are one leading supplier of glass pumice stone, grill stone, foot pumice stone, pumice sponge,stainless steel scrubber,cashmere combs, sweater use stones in China.Now we often sell our products to Spain, USA, Brazil, Peru, Belgium,UK, France,etc.

1. Grill cleaning stones/grill bricks/abrasive stones
It can be used for cleaning BBQ, grill, griddle & grate,Bathroom, kitchen, crepe, toilet,
concrete, swimming pool,marble & ceramic floor tile, metals, etc!

2. Toilet bowl ring remover/WC cleaning stones/pool cleaning stones
It can eliminate difficult stains and rust with fast and effective cleaning.

3. Foot pumice stones/Pumice sponges:
It can remove dead skin from foot, hand, elbow.

4. Sweaters stones/ pilling remover stones:
It can remove fuzz, pilling and knots from polyester knits, fabric, sweater,
wool, fleece, knits, jersey and more.

5. Pet hair removal stones, Horse/dog/cat grooming stones,groomer stones:
sweeps away unwanted pet hair from auto interiors, like fabric, upholstery & carpet!

6.Animal chew toy pumice stones:
chew toy for dental use, do chew residuals. Animal like Chinchilla,Rabbit

7. Cashmere comb/sweater comb: pilling remover for sweater, wool,etc

8. Wooden cedar balls: moth repellent for clothes, shoes, etc

Stainless steel scrubber: for kitchen cleaning use.
Product Description
10x7x4cm pumice stone
120 pcs/ctn
20x10x9cm pumice stone
24×3.8×3.8cm pumice stone with handle
80 pcs/ctn 
other size 
like your requested
Packing & Delivery
1.Loose packing: shrink package for each pumice stone;
2. private label or color box packing
? Remove rust and grease on the barbecue racks, iron cookware.
? Remove calcification build-up on grills, tile, and concrete.
? Remove burned food or residual oil on grill
? Remove hard water ring in sinks and bathtubs.
? Remove scale from the swimming pool.
? Remove stain that you failed to remove.

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